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Multiple Farm Management

AgNote’s farm management software was initially prototyped by a farm manager who was working at a farm property management company. That explains why AgNote has many features and functionalities from which farm managers do benefit greatly. The features and functionalities provided by AgNote also help large farms which have multiple farmland areas.

Let’s recap some of the key features which are there to help multiple farm management:

✔ Add multiple companies (farms) to your AgNote’s account
Powerful farm task management
Quick invoicing
Filter reports, dashboard charts by farm
Generate field maps for each farm
✔ Assign one or more farms to each account user

It is logical that multiple farm management comes with more complexity. Each farm requires customized attention, there will be different requirements and owner(s) to report to. That is why it is critical that data can be visualized, emailed, and downloaded where it is filtered down to each individual farm.

In AgNote you will find a quick filter almost on every page. There, just by clicking / selecting one or more farms, the data below will be filtered instantly. The same when downloading report, if the report includes data for multiple farms, you will be prompted to select the farm(s) for which you want the data. Similarly, when printing or sharing a map, you will be able to select for which farm(s) you want the map to be generated or shared.

Cost analysis is another area where AgNote excels. At the end of the season, AgNote’s users will know exactly what were the production costs for each yield unit produced. With today’s growing fertilizer, labor, and input costs, it is critical that we know our ROI (return on investment).

There are a lot of practical and easy to use tools in AgNote’s farm management software, therefore we highly recommend registering and trying it out free for seven days.

Below you will find multiple blog posts which talk about multi-farm management features in AgNote.


Generated Invoice in AgNote

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    Not everyone will need invoicing in AgNote, but the option is there if you would like to use it. Invoice creation in AgNote can be particularly useful for property management companies, which manage one or more farms and need to bill out for provided services.