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Irrigation Water Sources

Irrigation Water Source well in almond orchard
Water well in almond orchard

Irrigation water sources such as wells, canals, and water district turnouts are crucial if you are farming irrigated land. In addition, you will need to track completed irrigations for each crop. And part of the completed irrigation tracking is recording which water source was used.

It can be beneficial to save other water source related information in the same place. Information such as water flow and quality test results and details about the pump itself. So, if you need to look up or share water source information, it’s all there, in one place.

Irrigation Water Source management in AgNote

The Irrigation Water Source management area in AgNote is a dedicated place where you can quickly add, update, or view your water source information. Water Source management also includes mapping that allows you to view water source information on the map.

Here are some of the highlights of what you can do in water source management area:
  • Maintain detailed information about each Water Source (type, make, model, horsepower, power source meter, water flow meter, etc.).
  • Save water flow and quality test results for each water source. At a glance, inside the water source management area you will see how much time has passed since the last water test.
  • Upload water source images. You can add or update water source details (including images) using AgNote’s mobile (PWA) app. When a mobile app is used, AgNote will automatically save water sources’ location on the map.
  • Print or share water source map.
  • Easy to email water source information along with a link to the map. Recipient does not need to have AgNote’s login to view the map.
  • Irrigation water source related reports. Reports can be scheduled to be emailed out periodically. Here you can download one of the available water source reports.
Irrigation water source management screenshot
Irrigation Water Source Management in AgNote