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Work Orders

Farming is a complex and dynamic business that requires careful planning, coordination, and execution. One of the key aspects of farming is work order management. A practical work order management system will make farm management more effective.

However, many farmers struggle with creating and managing work orders, especially in the face of random daily activities, changing weather, market conditions, labor availability and many other factors.

Some of the familiar challenges that farmers face with work orders are:

  • Work order management can be tedious and time consuming.
  • Work order recording can be challenging since work tasks can be identified by many workers and in many locations on the farm.
  • Work planning and communication on the farm.

These challenges can have negative impacts on the productivity, profitability, and sustainability of farming operations. Therefore, it is important for farmers to improve their work order management practices and adopt tools and technologies that can help them to create and manage work orders more effectively and efficiently.

Some of the benefits of improving work order management in farming are:

  • Improved work planning and coordination.
  • More effective work execution and monitoring.
  • Completed work evaluation and further improvement.

Work order management in AgNote

PDF work order generated in AgNote
PDF Work Order

Practicality and ease of use was our top priority when we created the Work Order management area in AgNote. Here are some of the highlights of work order management in AgNote:

  • Easy to capture work order. Using AgNote’s mobile app (PWA app) new work orders can be created within seconds. Furthermore, very often, it may require only quick notes and optionally, you can snap some images of the identified issue. On newer phones, work order details can be dictated instead of typing them out.
  • AgNote’s mobile app will capture location (farm and field) automatically, behind the scenes.
  • Save up to four images for each work order.
  • WO geotagging.
  • Assign WO and add planned date.
  • Instantly view work order location and images.
  • Quickly download or share work order in PDF format.
  • Open work order email reminders.
Work Order management area in AgNote
Work Order Management Area in AgNote

Here is a quick video which demonstrates how easy it is to capture and manage work orders in AgNote.