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Management Software for Farmers in Australia & New Zealand

Farm management software Australia and New Zealand
Sunset in Western Australia

Farm management software for farmers in Australia and New Zealand. You may wonder, why we have dedicated page for farmers in Australia and New Zealand. In short, AgNote originally was developed for farmers in United States. As you know, farmers in United States use US customary measurement system (acres, gallons, inches etc.). Early in the year 2024 we added metric measurement system support in AgNote (hectares, liters, centimeters etc.). Now AgNote is accessible for nearly every farmer in the world.

Farmers all over the globe face similar challenges. Challenges with changing weather, pests, diseases, markets, regulations, and many other factors which affect crop yields and profits. That’s why it is beneficial for farmers to use practical farm management software. Software that helps to plan, monitor, and optimize farming operations for higher profitability.

Why AgNote

Practicality. AgNote is a practical tool that helps farmers and farm managers to manage their farm data. It has user friendly interface where farmers can easily navigate, input, analyze and export crop data. The features we add in AgNote serve a practical purpose and help farmers to be more effective, not because it would be “cool” to have it.

AgNote provides three different crop management areas. The management areas are row crop, permanent crop and produce (vegetable) crop management areas. Each management area has specific functionalities for each crop type. Here you can learn more about features included in AgNote. If you would like, you can register for a free seven-day trial and take AgNote for a test spin.

Row crop management

Cow crop management in Australia

In Row Crop management area, farmers can instantly view, update and plan crop seasons. There for each planting farmers can easily monitor what inputs have been applied, spray applications completed, completed field work tasks, field irrigations and captured field scouting results. Many functionalities in AgNote can be performed in batches. For example, inputs, spray applications and completed work tasks can be saved in batches. Batch functionality will save a lot of time in data entry. AgNote also includes Undo functionality. For example, if you add incorrect input to many plantings, you can undo that task with one click.

Permanent crop management

Farm management software for permanent crops in Australia

We specifically designed a permanent crop management area with permanent crop characteristics in mind. There you can easily manage important permanent crop details such as the kind of rootstock, the spacing of plants and rows, whether the plant variety is a pollinator, and the percentage of each variety planted in the field.

In permanent crop management area, the focus is on individual crop season. But at the same time, farmers can easily navigate back and view how the current season compares to seasons before. In this management view farmers can also quickly view and plan the next season’s activities.

If you grow different permanent crops, for example, almonds and grapes, in AgNote each permanent crop will have a dedicated management area (page). This way it will be faster to find the information you need and have better focus on it.

Vegetable crop management

Vegetable farming in Australia and New Zealand

Vegetable crop management has a few specific functionalities which will help growers to manage their crops more effectively. Some of those differences are:

  • Field splitting. It is quite common for vegetable growers to plant multiple crops or varieties in the same field. In this management area, vegetable growers can easily split fields into blocks. Yields can also be recorded individually for each block.
  • Vegetable growers can plan up to three crop plantings for the current and next year.
  • AgNote will intelligently estimate crop harvest dates based on crop variety history and when it was planted.

Next steps

If you are a looking for farm management software in Australia or New Zealand, please check out AgNote. You can register for AgNote’s account now and try it free for seven days. Registration will take less than one minute and there is no need to provide a payment method.

If you would like to have more information about AgNote you can send us a message or simply call us on (661) 552-0827. Have a wonderful day!