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Row Crops

Row crop potato field
Potato planting

“Row Crops” can be used as a label for a wide variety of crops. The obvious keyword is “row”, so we think crops are planted in rows. But that’s not always the case, a lot of row crops are planted in open fields. Row crops can be staple crops and forage crops.

Row Crop Management in AgNote

Unlike the planting information for permanent crops, which might not change for years, row crop information can change several times a year. AgNote helps you stay on top of those changes, making it easy to begin planning the new crop long before the current crop is harvested.

In AgNote it is easy to manage row crops, here is why:
  • Quickly filter plantings for a selected farm.
  • View the crop that was planted previously, the crop that is currently planted, and enter the information for the next planting’s information for each field.
  • In just seconds, add planting input or upload files to one or multiple plantings.
  • Customize harvest methods for accurate yield recording.
  • Record applied irrigation water for each planting.
  • Easy to navigate between seasons.
  • Use AgNote’s batch tools to create new plantings or change planting statuses in less than one minute.
  • Visualize key parts of crop management using the customizable Row Crop Dashboard.
  • Easy to track organic crop plantings.
Easy row crop management software
Screenshot of Row Crop Management software in AgNote

Annual Harvest View

If your plantings have multiple harvests, for example alfalfa and sorghum may have multiple cuttings, it may be beneficial to move those plantings into Annual Harvest View. The Annual Harvest View provides users a better view on each individual harvest. There you will find details for each individual harvest. Details such as harvest age, inputs applied, spray applications, irrigations etc.

Interested? If so, please register for a free seven-day trial and try AgNote out for yourself!