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Manage your farm with ease!

AgNote's Main Features

You are awesome at farming! Leave the tedious data tracking up to us!
Easy to manage your permanent crop seasons
Manage current, view previous and plan your next crops
Split fields, manage multiple plantings in a calendar year
Effective multi-harvest management
Know exactly what and when was applied on your crops
Visibility on what and when was completed in each field
Know exactly how much water was applied on each field
Save water source details, flow test, water quality tests etc.
Quickly note and share what your find in your farm fields
Key Performance Indicators and reporting at your fingertips
Draw, print or email your field maps just in seconds
Mark the organic fields, save certification documents
Interested? Register and try it free for 7 days! Registration will take less than 1 minute.

AgNote's Pricing

We offer the Per Area Pricing model because the amount of services and resources we provide depends on the size of the farm. For example, larger farms require more map generation, files, and storage, which increases the costs that we incur from our service providers. We believe this is a fair and transparent way to reflect the value of our platform and the benefits it brings to our customers.

The price per area (acres or hectares) is based upon the total area you are managing in your account. The higher the number of area, the lower the price per area unit becomes. We currently do not offer additional discounts.

AgNote will automatically adjust the price whenever the total area is changed from the original area unit count when your account was created.

We accept most major credit cards. After you enter your credit card information, it will be securely stored by Braintree (our payment processor). The same payment method is used to automatically renew your subscription monthly until you cancel your account.
If you prefer a different payment option, please contact us about other possible arrangements.

We offer monthly subscription with automatic subscription renewal.

The Account Owner can easily cancel the account and subscription at any time. Cancelled accounts remain active until the end of the currently paid month.

No. You are charged only for the active farmland in your account.

Per Area Pricing

If your farm’s area is less than 1000 acres or 405 hectares, AgNote’s cost is $80 per month.

Above 1000 acres or 405 hectares, the price per area unit will range from $0.06 to $0.08 per area unit per month.

Farms with over 15,000 acres or 6,000 hectares will pay less than $0.06 per area unit per month.

Please register and try AgNote free for seven days. Once you add all your farm fields into AgNote you will know your account monthly cost.

If you have any pricing questions, please contact us.

What Our Clients Say

“..simplicity is what I like about AgNote the most! My crop information is right there on one page, right at my fingertips”
Jason Giannelli
Jason Giannelli
Farm Manager
..I really like how AgNote provides an easy field planting overview. It really helps to have a quick view on field plantings, what’s planted currently, what was planted before and what will be planted next
Adrew Swan
Adrew Swan
Dairy Farm Owner
..super easy to share farm data with others! In AgNote, I can easily add a user to my account and control which farm data, user will be able to view, edit or download
Peter Binder
Peter Binder
Ranch Manager

Still undecided?

If you still have some specific questions about AgNote’s Farm Management Software,
please send us your questions, and we will respond within 24 hours (on workdays).
Go ahead and try out AgNote free for 7 days. Registration is quick and easy!

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