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Farm Management Software for Farmers in Mexico

Farm management software for farmers in Mexico

Farm management in Mexico is unique because it has a long history of producing products of plants and animals which now are widely consumed around the world. Products such as corn, beans, tomatoes, peppers, avocados, and unique spices. Farm management in Mexico is also diverse, as it includes different regions with different climates, crops, and farming practices.

Farmers in Mexico are adopting new farming technologies to ease the challenges they face due to climate change and decreasing profit margins. They are using different technologies to monitor plant growth, detect disease outbreaks, and track crop input costs.

One of the technologies that farmers are adapting is farm management software. Software that helps farmers to track and analyze their farm activities.

AgNote for farmers in Mexico

Mexico has a diverse climate, typography, and geography. Because of that, it provides an ideal environment for farmers to grow different row, permanent and vegetable crops.

Initially AgNote was designed for farmers in United States and supported only US customary unit system (i.e. acres, gallons, inches). Early in 2024 we added support for the metric unit system (i.e. hectares, liters, centimeters). Therefore, AgNote can be used all around the globe, including Mexico.

AgNote includes user friendly management areas for row, permanent and vegetable crops. If you farm in Mexico, and you are exploring farm management software options, please try AgNote. You can register now and try AgNote’s farm management software free for seven days.

Row Crop management

Farm management software Mexico tomato planting
Tomato planting

Row crop management area is an ideal place to track row crop rotations. There farmers can easily manage currently planted row crops, view previously planted ones and start planning the next season. Crop information is conveniently placed on one page. Crop management areas also include Quick Filter. Quick Filter will be visible if you are managing multiple farms in AgNote. Quick Filter allows users to quickly filter data down to selected farm.

Crop management areas allow farmers to track planted crop information such as inputs, spray applications, irrigations, field tasks, files, and scouting results. Many pieces of information can be added in batches. For example, input (i.e. gypsum) can be recorded using batch action, saving precious time for farmers.

Annual harvest view

The annual harvest view is an extension for row crop management area. This view provides users with a better focus on each individual harvest. The annual harvest view is ideal for farmers growing hay. There you will see details for each hay cutting. Details such as day count between cuttings, days since last cutting, how much irrigation water was applied during each cutting etc.

Permanent Crop management

Permanent crop agave management in Mexico
Agave planting

Farmers in Mexico are known to grow high quality permanent crop products such as agave, avocados, limes, mangos, dates, grapefruits, and pears.

Permanent crop management in AgNote, helps farmers to focus on individual crops and seasons. AgNote also allows farmers to track permanent crop details down to rootstock. In this management area, farmers can save multiple varieties per orchard, mark which varieties are pollinators and save spacing information between rows and plants.

Farmers can track inputs, sprays, work tasks, irrigations, files, and scouting results for each permanent crop season. If you manage multiple permanent crops, AgNote will provide a management page for each individual crop. This way, farmers can manage crop information quicker while focusing on one crop at the time.

Produce (vegetable) crop management

Farm management software for farmers in Mexico
Cabbage planting

Farmers in Mexico have established their position as a prominent global producer of vegetables, further securing a place amongst the top-ten vegetable producing countries. Primarily because of increasing production in pepper, asparagus, watermelon, and jicama production.

AgNote provides a dedicated produce (vegetable) crop management area. The produce crop management area provides a few distinct features which you will not find in other management areas. These features are:

  • Farm field splitting. Produce crop growers often plant multiple crops and varieties in the same field. In this management area, farmers can outline each individual block.
  • Season planning. Vegetable crop seasons are often shorter which allows farmers to grow multiple crops in a calendar year. In the produce crop management area, farmers can plan up to three plantings for the current and next year.

It’s also worth mentioning that inside AgNote’s farm management software, plantings can be moved between row and produce crop management areas.

Try AgNote’s farm management software

If you are looking for ways to further optimize your farming in Mexico, please try AgNote. You can register now and try it out free for seven days. Thank you!