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Produce Crops

Different lettuce plantings
Two different lettuce plantings

Under the “Produce Crop” label we would put crops which you typically find in the stores’ produce section. Some common produce crops are cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, kale etc. Sure, Produce Crops will also have sub-categories such as cole, root, bulb, leafy etc. Some produce crops may carry Row Crop label, for example potatoes, onions, or tomatoes. Simply put, if the product is grown for a fresh market, it will fall under the Produce Crop label.

Produce Crop management in AgNote

The reason we added a dedicated Produce Crop management area in AgNote is field splitting. Vegetable growers often have multiple crops and varieties planted in the same field. That requires functionality which allows field splitting. 

In AgNote’s Produce Crop Management area, users can easily split fields into sections. AgNote will automatically validate to make sure that the combined section area does not exceed field area (acreage).

In AgNote you can easily move Produce planting to Row Crop management area and vice versa. If you know that the field will have multiple crops or varieties, the Produce Crop management area is a better option.

Here are just some of the highlights of the Produce Crop Management area:

  • Allows to split fields into sections.
  • Simple to share field maps with crop information on the map.
  • Plan up to three crop plantings per year.
  • Plan next year’s plantings.
  • Add postfix (name) to each field block.
  • Simple & quick navigation between calendar years.
  • Batch add field inputs, completed tasks, files and spray applications.
  • Dedicated reports.
  • Field sections will be outlined on the field map.
growing lettuce produce crop management area in AgNote
Produce Crop management area

If you are a vegetable grower, please register for a free seven-day trial and take AgNote for a test spin. Registration will take less than one minute. We do not require a credit card during registration.