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Annual Harvest View

image of haystacks in annual harvest view
Hay bale stacks

The Annual Harvest View is unique to AgNote. It is an extension for Row Crop management area. Inside Row Crop management area, you can move any current planting into Annual Harvest view.

You can record many harvests for each planting inside row crop management area. It is easy to do, just add the next harvest to the list, and AgNote will calculate the total yield. But if you would like to monitor activities for each individual harvest, the Annual Harvest View will be a better management area.

Annual Harvest View in AgNote

This management area allows you visualize and manage your annual harvest information in one place.

A suitable crop candidate for Annual Harvest View are row crops which are planted in the field for many years and harvested multiple times a year. And where it is useful to monitor details for each harvest.  For example, a perennial crop such as alfalfa, may be planted in the field for several years, with inputs and harvests being the only changes from year to year.

In this management area you will be able to:
  • Track, input, file, and irrigation information for each year separately.
  • Quickly navigate to previous year planting information.
  • Add or view field scout results.
  • Quickly filter harvests by farm.
  • See the yield per harvest and the year-to-date (YTD) yield.
  • Batch saves planting inputs and files for multiple plantings.
  • View the number of days between harvests.
  • Get the input count and cost per harvest.
  • Track applied irrigations.
  • Apply crop plans.
Annual Harvest View
Annual Harvest View average yield chart
Yearly Average Yields chart

On the row crops dashboard, you will find dedicated charts for crops managed inside Annual Harvest View, with aggregated statistics for each calendar year. On the right, you can see a chart that shows the annual average yields for alfalfa cuttings.

AgNote also provides quite a few dedicated reports for plantings inside this management area.