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Farm Field Mapping

Farm Field Mapping is AgNote’s Strength

AgNote provides a lot of powerful field mapping tools. Therefore, it just makes sense that we create a dedicated page which will group all the posts related to AgNote’s field mapping. If field mapping is something that you are currently researching, I’m strongly encourage you to browse through the post on this page.

We are constantly gathering our user feedback on what works and what can be further improved. And that is one of the reasons why you see multiple posts here.  We constantly adding helpful functionalities to field mapping in AgNote.

Here are just a few highlights of farm field mapping functionalities in AgNote:

✔ Field map is automatically updated as you update crop information
✔ Quick farm filters on the map
✔ On the map, quickly filter current, next, or previous crop plantings
✔ Print or share farm field map with your farm’s logo on it
✔ Simple to email your field map
✔ Share live map with others. Person(s) you are sharing the LIVE map with, will not need AgNote’s login. The shared map’s link will be valid and publicly accessible for seven days. Here is an example of LIVE Farm Field Map.
✔ Draw notes on the map before generating or emailing the map
✔ Customize crop colors

As you can see from the list above, AgNote provides many useful farms field mapping features. If you find some of the features useful for your farm, I strongly encourage you to register for a free trail account and try it out for yourself. Registration will take less than a minute – take AgNote for a test-spin!