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Planted Crop Area Mapping Now Is Super Simple!

    Amongst produce (vegetable) growers, it is quite common to plant multiple varieties or different crops in the same field. Since produce crops such as lettuce, cabbage, spinach, etc. are mostly for fresh market, the food safety and compliance requirements are extremely high. Part of the requirements is planted crop area mapping and reporting.

    AgNote’s farm management software provides a friendly and practical user interface for produce crop management inside the main application. Here are the key functionalities which you will find in the Produce Crop management area inside the main application:

    • Field splitting. You can have multiple crops and varieties planted in one field
    • Sequential crops. In the produce crop management area, you can have 1st, 2nd and 3rd crop for the year
    • Plan next year’s crops. Plan up to three crop plantings for the next year in each field
    • Planted crop area mapping
    • Yield recording for each crop block

    Recently we added Produce (vegetable) Crop management functionalities to our mobile (PWA) application. Here is a quick functionality list of what can be manage using AgNotes mobile (PWA) application:

    My location marker on map
    My location marker on map

    Planted crop area mapping

    The planted crop mapping section deserves its own heading here! AgNotes mobile app allows you to precisely outline the planted crop area. The biggest helper in the app is the “my current location’s” marker. This marker is particularly helpful if you have multiple varieties or crops planted on the field. Using the mobile app, all you need to do is to travel to the corner of each planted crop area. Once there, you will see exactly there that location is on the map and then you can draw in the planted crop area.

    Here is a short video demonstrating how to map planted crop areas using AgNote’s mobile app.

    Register for a free seven-day AgNote’s trial and test out all the features yourself!