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Farm Field Maps: A Valuable Tool for Farm Management

    Farm field maps are digital representations of your fields that show you valuable information such as what crop is planted in each field, field acreage, markers for points of interest, and more.

    One of the greatest benefits of having farm field maps handy or having quick access to generate a map, is for communication. If you farm, I’m sure, at some point someone will request a map from you. For example, a trucking company may need a map with instructions on where to unload the delivery. Your farm’s compliance or insurance company may need a map that shows what crops are planted in each field.

    When it comes to field map creation, there are quite a few options out there. Starting from publicly available options such as Google maps or Bing maps all the way to paid solutions such as ArcGIS. If you use the publicly available options, chances are that you will need to spend extra time to outline the field boundaries on the map. Paid software will provide you with the drawing tools.

    Many farm management software’s come with field mapping components built in. The wonderful thing about having crop data and mapping in one place is that the maps will always stay updated as you maintain your crop information. That would not be the case if you create your field maps in other applications which do not have any connections with your farm’s crop information.

    Here are key points of what AgNote offers for field maps

    • Quick farm field filtering.
    • Quick Planting Status filter. Print a map with previous, current, or next plantings on it.
    • Map Legend with crop statistics. It is easy to hide the legend if you do not want to show it on the map.
    • Customize color for each crop.
    • Simple Drawing Toolbar on upper-right.
    • Map Share & Print toolbar on lower-right.
    Field maps generated by AgNote's farm management oftware.
    Screenshot of Field Maps in AgNote

    If you need to create a quick map (free), I recommend checking out Lightshot. It is free software which you can install on Windows or Mac computers. Once installed, it will automatically be available by pressing Print Screen (for windows) key on keyboard. If you need to generate a quick and simple map:

    1. open Google maps,
    2. frame the map on the screen
    3. press Print Screen on keyboard
    4. add text of shapes on the map
    5. and finaly save or copy the map

    AgNote for Field Maps

    Discover the power of precision with AgNote’s field mapping feature! If you’re seeking user-friendly and efficient farm field mapping software, sign up for a free 7-day trial and experience the difference in your agricultural planning and productivity. 🌾🗺️