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Looking for an Easy to Use Farm Task Tracking Software?

    Corn crop task planning
    Corn crop planning

    Farm task tracking is an essential part of effective farm management. Farmers know what and when needs to be done at the farm, and they do it. Crops need to be planted, cultivated and fertilizer needs to be applied. The challenging part is to precisely track completed and planned work. Because farmers need to proactively manage work tasks and plan needed resources.

    Because of the constantly growing input and labor costs, profit margins for most crops are getting smaller and smaller every year. That is why many farmers choose “data driven farming”. Data driven farming is when farmers make decisions based on data. Data can be historical data or plan data. Simply put, farmers need to know the costs when planning the next crop season. Because of that, accurate farm task data tracking is the KEY!

    Crop Planning in AgNote

    There are two parts for data driven farming: Planned and Actuals.

    We recently added a Crop Plan management inside AgNote. Here is a short video-demonstration of Crop Plan management functionalities.

    Completed Farm Task Tracking in AgNote

    In AgNote you will also find Completed Farm Task management area. AgNote makes it super easy to record any completed task on the farm. Farm task recording can be done inside the main application (web), using mobile phone (PWA) or AgNote can be configured to record certain completed tasks automatically.

    You can configure completed farm task recording from simple to granular. In AgNote’s farm task management area you can:

    • Create or import new tasks.
    • Assign rates. You can even have different rates for different companies (farms).
    • Specify service provider for each task. That allows you to track which outside company performed the work.
    • Record completed farm tasks in batches to save time.
    • Archive completed tasks and generate invoices. Invoice generation is extremely useful for farm management companies.

    If some of the information in this blogpost sounds interesting to you, please register for a free seven-day trial account, and test it out! Thanks.