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Need to Add a Credit on Farm Management Invoice?

    One of the most frequently used features in AgNote amongst farm management companies is Invoicing. AgNote makes it super easy to capture completed work and quickly invoice for it. AgNote allows a lot of flexibility for farm management companies to configure completed fieldwork recording and invoicing.

    Here are some of the completed task and invoicing highlights:

    • Easy to manage farm task rates
    • Assign field work rates individually for each farm
    • Configure so the completed task is automatically generated when crop is planted, harvested, sprayed, or inputs applied
    • One-click invoice generating
    • Customizable completed task report for bookkeeping software
    • Add credit line to the invoice

    Ok, the real reason I started this blog post is because of the last item on the list above (credit line). As I mentioned earlier, in AgNote it is super easy to generate an invoice for completed work. But there could be times when you may need to issue a credit on the invoice. This functionality was requested by an actual AgNote’s farm management software user. For that user, it turned out that the rate was too high for one of the completed tasks on the last invoice. To maintain total transparency the AgNote’s user wanted to show the credit on the next invoice.

    Add credit to invoice

    We made it so it is extremely easy to add credit adjustment if there is a need for that. Here are some of the highlights of that to expect when adding a credit to the invoice:

    • Ability to describe credit for clarity
    • Add multiple credit lines if necessary
    • Credit will be automatically subtracted from the total amount
    • Credit line on invoice will be in red color
    • Credit total on the invoice is formatted as negative value how it is commonly displayed on bookkeeping reports
    Add Credit to AgNote’s invoice

    Try it out for yourself, just register for a free seven-day trial and check it out! Registration will take less than one minute.