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Who Is Using Farm Management Services in California?

    Farm Management can mean a lot of things, depending on who you ask. In this article I will refer to Farm Management as I know it here in California, US. Farm Management companies are often also referred to as Property Management companies. In California many large-scale farms, landowners, or investors choose someone else to manage their land and that “someone else” we refer to as Farm Management company. A good example could be a dairy farm. In California, there are many dairy farms with thousands or more cows. Many large dairy farm owners choose to have someone else to manage the farmland, since there are plenty of things happening just inside the dairy, and dairy owners simply do not have any spare time to manage the farmland. Another good example is investors. Investors have the resources to invest, but often they don’t have the expertise to grow the crop.

    How AgNote can help Farm Management Companies

    Now I will transition from farm management to AgNote, since AgNote has an extraordinarily strong integration with farm management. Initially AgNote was prototyped by a farm manager. A lot of functionalities inside AgNote are there to help Farm Management companies.

    Here are just a few highlights on how AgNote can help:

    As you can see from the list above, there are quite a few functionalities inside AgNote from which Farm Management companies could benefit greatly. Usually for Farm Management companies there is a greater responsibility for keeping good farming records.

    Final Thoughts

    Potato Field Managed by Farm Management Company
    Potato field which is being managed by farm management company in Bakersfield, California

    Farm Management companies often also provide custom work services for other farms. Services such as crop planting, tillage work, harvesting etc.

    In closing, I would say, Farm Management in California is when farmer or investment company choose to hire another company which has the expertise and resources perform the managerial and farming tasks for them. I’ll just add that I have seen big farms and farmland investors which hire multiple farm management companies to manage their properties.

    If you would like to learn more on what AgNote can offer to Farm Management companies, just register for a free trial account and try it out.