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Super Simple Spray Product Use Tracking for Your Farm

    In addition to the current user-friendly spray product tracking in AgNote – it just got even easier!

    Now you don’t have to manually record crop spray applications. Just forward the Agrian’s Product Use Recommendation to AgNote, and AgNote will record it. That’s right, it is that easy!

    Of course, it is not all magic, there are a few prerequisites:

    1. AgNote will read emails only from currently active users in AgNote. That means, sender’s email address must belong to an active user in AgNote.
    2. Farms in the account need to have a Permit Number. Permit Number is how AgNote will find the farm fields to which the spray Product Use Recommendation belongs to.
    3. Field (property) names on Product Use Recommendation need to closely match field names in AgNote.
    4. Spray Product Recommendation must be generated by Agrian.

    As you can see from the list above, the prerequisites are quite simple. Chances are that your account already has all this information in place.

    Product Use Recommendation Recording

    AgNote periodically checks the inbox for new messages. If there are new messages with Product Use Recommendation attached, AgNote will process it. And after processing, the sender will receive a confirmation email.

    During spray product recording AgNote will save details such as:

    • If the product does not exist in the account, it will be automatically added.
    • Product quantities applied.
    • For application date, AgNote will use the Proposed Date on the recommendation.
    • Spray mix volume.
    • Recommendation number (Rec No.)

    Spray Product Cost

    When a new spray product is added to the account, it will be added at a cost of $1 per application unit, because the actual purchase prices may be different for each account. Once you know the actual product prices you can easily update them in the Spray Products management area. And after that just run Update Applied Product Prices command from the action menu. That will update the application material costs for all previous spray applications in the account.

    Here is a quick demonstration of how the Product Use Recommendation recording works in AgNote. If you would like to try it out yourself, just register a trial account, add field, and crop information and forward Product Use Recommendation to AgNote.