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Simple Spray Product Management and Tracking

    Spray product management and tracking in AgNote

    Spray product management and tracking may seem unimportant. That is until you need to provide records of what and where was applied on your farm. Or you would like to know how much you are spending on spray products (chemicals).

    In this post I will talk about Spray Product Management in AgNote. Before you can record a spray application for the planting, you will need to add the spray products themselves into your account. Ok, a quick spoiler alert – it is amazingly easy!

    Here are the options on how to add spray products to your account:

    • Import your spray product list. Here is an example Spray Product template which you can modify and then import into your account.
    • Add spray products one-by-one inside AgNote’s Spray Product management area.
    • Add a new spray product during Spray Application’s creation.
    • Forward your Product Use Recommendation to AgNote and AgNote will add the products to your account if they don’t exist yet.

    Update spray product prices

    One of the reasons why you want to track spray applications is to get a clear visibility of how much money is being spent for the spray products.

    Previous Planting Average Costs vs Yield
    Chart that displays previous planting average prices to yield

    When you record a spray application in AgNote, AgNote is using the current product cost. You may ask “does that mean I need to check and update spray product pricing every time I record spray application?”. The answer to that is NO.

    There are two ways you can update spray product prices:

    1. Individually for each spray product.
    2. Download the spray products list (spreadsheet), change prices on the spreadsheet and re-import it. During the spray product import, AgNote is checking if the product already exists. If so, it will update the price only.

    Once the spray product prices are current, just run the Update Applied Product Prices command in spray product management area. There you will be able to select for which products you wish to update prices and select date range for which completed spray applications you wish to update the prices.

    Ok, that is all just talk, but if this talk piqued your interest, you are welcome to try it out for yourself. Just register for a free seven-day trial and see it for yourself.