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Interesting Highlights From 2023 World Ag Expo

    The 2023 World Ag Expo in Tulare just ended. It is time to look back and share my highlights of the show. I have attended the World Ag Expo many years in the past, but in 2023 was the first show when I (with AgNote) exhibited at the show.

    Guntars Vecpuisis Agnote at 2023 World Ag Expo
    AgNote at 2023 World Ag Expo in Tulare, California

    The mornings were chilly but later in the day we were blessed with lots of sunshine and great attendance!
    Here are the highlights of 2023 World Ag Expo in Tulare. Please keep in mind that the highlights are from farm management software’s perspective.

    Hight interest from farmers in Mexico

    During the three days at the show, over ten row and permanent crop farmers from Mexico visited AgNote’s booth with interest in farm management software. Their farms ranged from two hundred to over two thousand hectares. Their farms have grown over the past few years and now they are looking to integrate more technology in their farming operations. Every farmer in the world feels production cost increases. While it is hard for farmers to control raising input costs, it is in farmers’ hands to optimize their farming practices. The innovative technologies also play a significant role in farming effectiveness.

    Strawbery research

    Another noticeable group of AgNote’s booth attendees were people from Strawbery (produce) industry. Strawberries are extremely high value crops which need to be monitored closely. Several attendees were looking for easy-to-use farm management software for strawberry crop management. A few strawberry growers and consultants were looking for an easy tool for pest monitoring.

    Vegetable Growers

    Many growers were exploring farm management software options for vegetable crops. Vegetable crops are also high value crops with specific crop data management requirements. One of the most requested requirements is field splitting and tracking individual blocks on the field. It is quite common for vegetable (produce) crop growers to plant multiple crops and varieties in the same field.


    At this farm show is where I learned more about watercress and its benefits. Watercress is a vegetable that grows in natural spring waters.

    Watercress is very dense with nutritional content and provides many health benefits, such as:

    • Cancer prevention and treatment
    • Lowering blood pressure
    • Maintaining healthy bones
    • Treating diabetes

    You can learn more about watercress benefits at MedicalNewsToday.

    The reason I am mentioning watercress in this blog post is that Sumida Farms in Aiea, Hawaii decided to use AgNote’s farm management software for Watercress planting management.

    For AgNote the 2023 World Ag Expo was a tremendous success which allow us to meet many AG professionals who are looking for user-friendly farm management software.

    If you would like to try out AgNote, please register here for a seven-day free trial and try it out!