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How to Choose the Best Vineyard Management Software

    Vineyard management software is a type of software that helps grape growers to manage vineyard activities from planting to harvesting, and everything in between. This management software can help grape growers optimize grape production and quality, reduce costs and risks, comply with regulations, and streamline workflow.

    Features to look for

    Depending on your needs and goals, you may want a management software that can:

    Vineyard management in California
    Vineyard in California
    • Help with season planning
    • Track completed tasks in vineyards, such as pruning, fertilizing, spraying, harvesting etc.
    • Track applied inputs, spray products, and irrigation water
    • Monitor and analyze your vineyard data, such as soil moisture, weather, pest and disease pressure, and yield
    • Provide decision support for irrigation, pest and disease management, and harvest timing
    • Generate reports and documentation for traceability, compliance, certification, and accounting purposes
    • Integrate with other software or hardware, such as soil moisture sensors, GPS trackers, or drones

    Some vineyard management software may offer more features than others or specialize in certain aspects of vineyard management.

    Vineyard Management in AgNote

    AgNote provides a dedicated management area for Permanent Crops (including grapes). Many features in AgNote are designed with vineyard characteristics in mind. AgNote will help grape growers to manage important vineyard details such as plant rootstock and spacing between plants and rows.

    Here are some of the highlights of what AgNote provides for vineyard management:

    Season planning

    Grape growers can create activity plans for the entire season. Then, plans can be quickly assigned to one or multiple vineyards. AgNote will remind growers on which planned activities are coming up.


    It is especially important for grape growers with many vineyards and more than one location. In AgNote’s permanent crop management area, farmers can quickly navigate between locations and seasons. At a quick glance, grape growers can see crop details for each field and navigate between seasons.

    Input tracking

    Track applied inputs and material costs. Inputs can be recorded individually for each vineyard or in batches for many vineyards.

    Spray application tracking

    Track completed spray applications along with applied spray products and cost information. If you use Agrian spray recommendations, just forward them to AgNote and AgNote will record the spray and material information automatically.

    Completed task tracking

    Tasks such as tractor work and crew work are a significant part of total time and cost to produce an exceptional grape yield. AgNote can be configured to track completed tasks from simple to very granular tracking. AgNote includes a dedicated Complete Tasks management area where you can constantly monitor completed tasks and costs.

    Vineyard scouting

    Grapes are pest and disease sensitive crops. Therefore, it is critical to monitor (scout) your vineyards. The goal of vineyard scouting is to identify potential problems before they become severe enough to cause economic damage. AgNote provides you with practical scouting functionality. You can record scouting results by using a phone or enter them directly through AgNote’s main application.

    Compliance and food safety

    A big part of compliance and food safety is accurate recordkeeping. In AgNote, growers can easily save documents for input certifications, water quality test results or any other vineyard related documents. Many food safety and compliance related information can be recorded through completed tasks.

    And more

    AgNote also includes field mapping, work order management, water source management, purchase order generation and much more.

    Vineyard managemnt area in AgNote
    Vineyard management area in AgNote. Manage Current, plan Next and view Previous seasons.