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Effective Agriculture Innovations in Farm Management

    As of today’s writing, in November 2022, AgNote is still a relatively new farm management software on the market. But thanks to its agricultural innovations, it already has earned its spot on the WGINNOVAITONS top Agriculture Innovations list in 2022.

    AgNote’s roots began back in 2016, when its early prototype was created and first tested by an actual farm manager in California’s San Joaquin Valley – America’s highest agricultural producer. At the time, the farm manager was managing over six thousand acres of row and permanent crops.

    We understand that farmers and farm managers are super busy managing their farms, because farming never stops. It doesn’t matter if the weather is hot, cold, rainy or snow is snowing. The animals need food and crops need attention so we all can enjoy fresh produce at the dinner table.

    We believe that part of our success in creating well-recognized farm management software is because we listen to farmers, and we create practical, easy-to-use tools for them. Practicality is one of our top requirements when we are innovating. Each new innovative feature we create needs to pass the practicality and easy-to-use test. We believe that our customers – the actual users of our software – are just as important as the technology behind our product. Delivering value to our customers is always our top priority.

    Here are the key innovating features which we are providing in our farm management software:

    • Dedicated management area for permanent crops. We realize that all crops cannot be put in one management area. Since permanent crops are planted in the ground for several years, the management focus is on the season
    • Management area for row crops. Here we focus on the current crop, where user can instantly view, add, or update crop information. All crop information is on one page, in one place
    • Produce (vegetable) crop management area. In this management area users can split fields. Field splitting is a common requirement for vegetable growers
    • Powerful field mapping. Just with few clicks user can print or share field maps
    • Water source management. Extremely useful for crop irrigation tracking
    • Invoicing. Especially useful for farm management companies which provide services to other farms and need to bill for the completed work

    In each crop management area, users can easily add and update crop input, spray, field task, irrigation, crop file and field scouting information.

    Here are few more unique innovating features you will find in AgNote:

    • Annual Harvest view. A good crop candidate for Annual Harvest View are row crops which are harvested multiple times in a year and the user wants to have a good visibility of each harvest. A good example is alfalfa which is harvested (cut) several times in a season
    • Automatic Agrian spray recommendation recording where users simply need to forward the Agrian’s spray recommendation to AgNote and it will be recorded automatically
    • Live field maps. AgNote’s users can email (share) Live Map link with others. Persons receiving the link will be able to view field map without logging into AgNote

    Here are some screenshots of AgNote’s farm management software.

    If there are some things which piqued your interest, register for a free seven-day trial, and take AgNote for a test spin!