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This Is One Awesome Row Crop Management Software

    One challenging thing about row crop data management is that it changes often. Depending on where you farm and crops you grow, your crop information could change several times in a year. For example, in California, where the climate is warm, it’s quite common to plant two crops in the same field every year. That also means that crop data tracking and reporting needs to be done more frequently. There definitely is room on the market for user-friendly row crop management software.

    I used to manage over 6,000 acres of row crops in California. And for most of the time I was double cropping, and sometimes even triple cropping. And my routine was such, soon after I finished planting my current crop, I needed to start working on my next season’s plan. At first all my planning data and tracking was done on spreadsheets. And as you can imagine, there were a lot of spreadsheets to maintain. There were times when I was asking myself, is my primary job to manage farm fields or spreadsheets. Since a lot of time was going into keeping the spreadsheets up to date. I’m sure if you are a farmer or farm manager who manages row crops, you can relate.

    Row Crop Management Software.

    AgNote simplifies a lot of the common row crop tracking and planning tasks. Here are just a few key points on how AgNote can help with row crop data management.

    • Dedicated Row Crop management area.
    • Clear visibility on what and where is planted.
    • It is easy to plan the next planting season. Users can add planting information in batches. For example, if many fields have the same crop planted, there’s no need to add new planting information for each field. You can do that in a batch with only a few mouse clicks.
    • Batch add inputs, spray applications completed tasks, and attach planting related files.
    • Instantly download common reports and print field maps.
    Easy row crop management software
    Screenshot of Row Crop Management software in AgNote

    There’s a lot more I could add to the list above. Things such as permanent and vegetable crop management areas, water resource management, completed task management, customizable yield recording, and much more. AgNote has a lot of useful functionalities sprinkled throughout the application. If you are growing or managing row crops, I recommend that you register for a free seven-day trial and try AgNote out for yourself.