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Ten Interesting & Fun Facts About Onions🧅!

    Onion Farming – a Fun and Easy Way to Make People Cry

    Onions are one of the most popular vegetables in the world. They are used in many cuisines and dishes, as well as for making people tear up and sniffle. Onions are also easy to grow and have a high market demand. While onion farming may spark a tear of joy in our eyes, it is serious business.

    Pulled onions on farm field
    Yellow Onions

    About Onions

    There are many onion varieties, each with distinctive characteristics, such as color, shape, size, flavor, and tear-inducing potential. Some of the common types of onion are:

    • White onions: have a sharp and pungent flavor and are awesome for cooking and canning. They have a short storage life and are susceptible to diseases. They also make people cry like babies.
    • Yellow onions: have a mild and sweet flavor and are the most widely grown type of onion. They have a long storage life and are resistant to diseases. They also make people cry like toddlers.
    • Red onions: they have a purple-red color and a spicy flavor. They are often used for salads and sandwiches. They have a medium storage life and are moderately resistant to diseases. They also make people cry like teenagers.


    • Onions have been around since the Bronze Age! The oldest known onion harvest dates to around 5,000 BC, that’s over 7,000 years ago!
    • According to the National Onion Association, U.S. onion consumption has increased 50% in the last 20 years. Hmm must be those onion rings 🤔.
    • There are less than 1,000 onion farmers in the United States. That’s a small number. Altogether, about 125,000 acres of onions are planted in the US each year which is close to potato statistics. Most onions in United States come from Idaho, Washington, Oregon, and California.
    • Onions are the sixth most popular vegetable crop in the world, judging only by its production.
    • An average sized onion has thirty calories. That makes onion one of the lowest calorie vegetables.
    • The sulfuric compound in onions is what’s causing many to cry 😂. To cut down on the crying, chill the onion and cut into the root end of the onion last. Let us know if you have discovered a less tearful onion cutting method.
    • For more than two thousand years, ancient texts from Egypt, Greece and India talk about powerful abilities of onion as sexual aphrodisiac. For example, Egyptian celibate priest was forbidden to eat onion because of the onions effect on their libido. In medieval Europe, onion was traditionally consumed by newlyweds on the morning after their wedding night.
    • You can get rid of onion breath by eating fresh parsley.
    • The average person eats about 13.7 pounds of onions every year.
    • The weight of the largest onion on record is ten pounds and fourteen ounces (4.933 kilograms).

    Here is an interesting aerial video of onion harvest in New Cuyama, California.

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