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Super Simple Farm Field Mapping with a Quick Map Sharing

    Field mapping may seem like an unimportant “thing” until you really need it.

    A little bit about my own field mapping experience when I worked as a farm manager. When I communicated with, for example, a trucking company, custom sprayer, or bookkeeper, one of the most frequent requests I received was “can you send me a map?”. Then I took a screenshot of Google Maps, marked the farm fields on it and emailed it to whoever was requesting it.

    Later we purchased a dedicated mapping application. That was great! It made my work so much easier! But still, the purchased application needed to be kept up to date with the current crop information.

    I set out to solve field the mapping “pain-points” when I built AgNote’s field mapping.

    Three key points which AgNote’s field mapping simplifies

    • Map updates
      In AgNote, maps do not require any manual updates. Maps will display what is currently planted in the fields. That means, if corn and almonds are currently planted, that is what will show up on the map.
    • Map printing and sharing
      Just zoom into the area you wish to print and click the print button, that’s all! Before printing or sharing the map, you can quickly switch the print layout mode (Portrait or Landscape). When emailing a map, you can select multiple recipients and provide a custom email message.
    • Adding custom notes / drawings on the map
      Often, when sharing a map, it is helpful to add or draw some additional notes on the map, for clarity. For example, when sending a map to a trucking company, draw an “X” on the map, where exactly fertilizer needs to be unloaded. Yep, AgNote’s mapping provides drawing tools exactly for that purpose.

    Key Features in AgNote’s Field Mapping

    Farm Field Mapping
    Screenshot of Field Mapping in AgNote
    • Quick farm field filtering. View fields only for the selected farm.
    • Quick Planting Status filter. View what is planted Currently, what was planted before and what is planned for the next season.
    • Map Legend with crop statistics with hide Map Legend’s option.
    • Customize color for each crop.
    • Simple Drawing Toolbar on upper-right.
    • Map Share & Print toolbar on lower-right.

    Got few minutes, check out the video below, on how to Draw on Map in AgNote.

    Field Mapping is one of the AgNote’s features, not an addon for additional cost. If you would like to check out the AgNote’s Mapping for yourself, just register for a free trial, add some farm fields to your account and check out the mapping’s section.