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Quick View of Currently Planted Crop Acreages on Your Farm

    At a glance see what crops and how much are currently planted on your farm.

    Currently Planted Crop Acreages Chart
    Currently Planted Crop Acreages chart on Main Dashboard

    This chart shows you how many acres of each Row and Permanent crops are currently planted on your farm. Again, it is worth noting that this chart displays only acreages for currently planted crops, not Previous or Next planned crops.

    For better visualization, this chart orders crops with the most acreage on the left-side of the chart. This order makes it easy to quickly see which crops have the most acreages.

    You can easily customize / change the color for each crop in your account’s Management area. The color you choose for each crop will also show up on the map. Check out an example of map’s screenshot below.

    Crop colors on Map
    Currently planted crop acreages on the map

    If you would like to analyze your field and crop data in more detail, just download one of the planting reports. For example, you can download Quarterly Plantings & Harvests which will show you crop information for each field.

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