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Quick & Easy Farm Record Keeping Is Now Reality

    Keeping accurate and detailed farm records is essential for monitoring farm’s performance. When we think about farm record keeping, one of the first things we think of is bookkeeping (financial) records. And that’s probably because a lot of financial recordkeeping and reporting is mandatory for the farm. Therefore, farmers need to maintain good bookkeeping records.

    Crop data record keeping

    Farm record keeping for grapes
    Grape trellis near Bakersfield, CA

    Next piece of farm record keeping is cropping information. Tracking information for planted crops. Information such as what & when was planted, spray applications, irrigations, completed work and more. If bookkeeping record tracking is often mandatory, crop related data tracking is optional.

    Here is why crop record keeping is just as important or even more important than financial record keeping. The financial (expenses and profit) records show us the end result. The financial bookkeeping records are often called the lagging indicators (expenses and profits at the end of the season).

    The collected crop data can serve as a leading indicator. In simple words, leading indicators help farmers to make better decisions, which are based on data. For example, well-maintained crop data will show what crops and varieties yield better and which inputs improve yields. Crop data helps farmers make well informed decisions which eventually will lead to higher profits.

    Quick & Easy farm data record keeping

    Ok, most of us understand the importance of accurate data tracking. Farmers often commit to farm data tracking, but just as often they stop doing that. Whay? Because it is time consuming and can be quite cumbersome. While simple and easy to use tools are welcome in any industry, they are particularly important in farming. Because farming is a seven-day-all-day industry, where the biggest focus is on growing / harvesting the crop. Therefore tools, including data tracking tools, need to be simple and user-friendly to use.

    AgNote for farm record keeping

    Initially AgNote was prototyped by an actual farm manager. I wouldn’t be too far-off saying “AgNote was developed inside farm manager’s pickup truck”. Therefore, ease of use and user friendliness was one of the top requirements.

    If you are farming or managing Row, Permanent or Vegetable crops, please do give AgNote a try. Just register for a free seven-day trial and take AgNote for a test spin.