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Practical Farm Management Software for Dairy Farmers

    Dairy farmers have two businesses to manage. Which is the dairy itself and the farmland. It wouldn’t be accurate to say that dairy is the primary business since the dairy farmer gets paid for the produced milk. Happy, high producing cows need quality feed. And it is not a secret that a good cow feed, today (year 2022) costs a good fortune. That is why it is equally important that the farmland produces exceptional yields of high quality.

    I should also mention the other significant connection between dairy and farmland, which is nitrogen management. Dairies produce a lot of nitrogen rich manure and wastewater. Therefore, dairy farmers need to have enough farmland where to apply manure and wastewater.

    AgNote’s Farm management Software for Dairy Farmers

    Initially, AgNote was prototyped by a farm manager who was managing farmland for several dairies. That’s why it comes as no surprise that AgNote has a lot of useful tools built in, just for managing dairy farmland. A good example is wastewater tracking. When wastewater irrigation is completed, AgNote automatically checks if there are any overlapping wastewater irrigations since it is quite common to apply wastewater to multiple fields at once. And if there are overlapping irrigations, AgNote will recalculate the applied amount of water and nitrogen.

    Here are some of the highlights of how AgNote helps dairy farmers to manage farming activities:

    AgNote’s farm management software is a perfect time saving tool for busy dairy farmers. It is practical, effective, and quick. There are a lot of things happening inside the dairy and out on the farm fields at any given moment. Dairy farmers and farm managers simply do not have the time to manage the spreadsheets.

    The best way to see AgNote’s useful features is to try it out for yourself. Just register for a free trial and take it for a test spin. Registration will take less than one minute!