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Practical & Easy to Use Almond Orchard Management Software

    If you are an almond grower, you know how challenging it can be to manage your orchard efficiently and profitably. You must deal with input & spray applications, pests, diseases, irrigation, pruning, harvesting, and marketing, among other tasks. And you must do all this while keeping an eye on the weather, the market, and the environment.

    That’s why almond growers do benefit from reliable and user-friendly almond orchard management software that can help to plan, monitor, and optimize orchard activities.

    Characteristics of good almond orchard management software

    Here are some of the features we recommend almond growers to look for when exploring almond orchard management software options. Look for software that can:

    • Track orchard specifics such as row & plant spacing, rootstock, percent of each variety planted in the field, irrigation system etc.
    • Includes season planning functionalities
    • Allow growers to track inputs (i.e. gyp, compost, fertilizer, etc.), spray applications and irrigations
    • Includes completed work tracking such as labor and tractor work
    • Can track your orchard’s health and productivity using satellite imagery, sensors, and drones
    • Provides tools which help to prevent pest and disease outbreaks
    • Analyze your yield and quality data using advanced analytics and reporting tools

    With good almond orchard management software, you will save time, money, and resources, while improving your yield and quality. You can also reduce your environmental impact and comply with the latest regulations and standards.

    Almond orchard management software blooming

    How AgNote can help you with your almond orchard management

    AgNote offers a dedicated management area for permanent crops such as almonds, grapes, pistachios, walnuts, citrus etc. If you farm more than one permanent crop, for example almonds and pistachios, each crop will have its own management area. That helps growers to focus on one specific crop, for example almonds.

    Here are some of the highlights of how AgNote helps almond growers with orchard management:

    • Season planning. Season (crop) plans can be quickly created and assigned to the current or upcoming crop season. Use crop plan(s) as an estimation tool since created crop plans will have the total cost per acre.
    • Track orchard inputs, spray applications, irrigations and season related documents (i.e. tissue and soil sample results). Record activities for each field individually or in batches (many fields at once to save time).
    • Easy to track completed tasks such as labor, crew work, tractor work etc. In addition, AgNote provides a dedicated management area where you can see at a quick glance what tasks have been completed.
    • Field Scouting. Helps almond growers to monitor and record orchard health. Through AgNote’s field scouting, users can geo-tag inspection area and save images. Field scouting results can be recorded directly in the main application or using mobile device. Scouting results can be easily shared and viewed on the map.
    • And more. AgNote farm management software also includes field mapping, work order management, water source management, purchase order generation and much more.

    Next steps

    If you are interested in finding out more about how AgNote’s almond orchard management software will benefit you, please contact us today. We also offer a free seven-day trial. Don’t miss this opportunity to take your almond farming to the next level.