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Looking for Easy to Use Farm Planning Software?

    Farm planning software helps farmers to allocate resources on the farm to increase production efficiency and enhance farmer profitability. It gives a 360-degree view of all the activities across the farm and stores data on a single platform.

    Good farm planning software (farm management software) should include all farm management basics. Functionalities such as crop planning, input recording, spray application tracking, irrigation tracking, and of course harvested yield tracking. In addition, good farm management software will also include field mapping, water source management, and farm asset management.

    Another important attribute of good farm management is ease of use. Farmers are busy managing daily activities on the farm. Every day, there are activities happening on the farm. Therefore, the software should be a tool that helps farmers to focus more on farm activities and less on tedious data tracking. So, the software needs to be user friendly, intuitive and should be accessible on many different devices (computer, tablet, mobile phone).

    In conclusion, a good Farm Planning Software should make crop season planning simple. It should offer a clear and quick visibility of that and where it is planted. And finally, it should allow farmers to quickly report and analyze their farm data.

    How AgNote can simplify your farm management

    While AgNote is immensely powerful behind the scenes, the focus for AgNote’s developers is to make it as user-friendly as possible.

    Here are AgNote’s highlights

    • Dedicated Permanent Crop management area
    • Row Crop management area. Plantings inside row crop management area can be moved into Annual Harvest View. A suitable candidate for Annual Harvest View are row crops which have multiple harvests in a calendar year. For example, alfalfa, which is harvested (cut) multiple times in a year
    • Management area for Vegetable (produce) crops
    • Water Source management
    • Field Mapping
    • Purchase Order creation and sharing
    • Completed task tracking. AgNote also includes simple but powerful invoicing. A popular choice for farm management companies

    There are lots more useful features inside AgNote’s farm planning software. To really learn what AgNote has to offer is to try it out for yourself. You can register for a FREE seven-day trial in less than a minute – try it.