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Here Is Why Data Driven Farm Management Is So Important

    Data driven farm management is a relatively new approach for farmers. This new concept of managing a farm business occurred due to the strong need to change the way food is produced. Effectively organized data allows farmers to track, quantify, and analyze all aspects in the farming operation. Farming aspects starting from soil and crop performance to financials. Data driven farming allows farmers to make business decisions based on data, instead of relying on gut-feeling.

    Know where and what to improve

    One of the key benefits of data driven farm management is that it allows farmers to identify improvement opportunities. For example, if a farmer notices that a particular crop is not performing as well as expected, they can use data analysis to determine why. This information can then be used to make changes that will improve future crop yields and quality.

    Plant and harvest timing

    Another benefit of having well organized farm data is that it allows farmers to make more informed decisions about which crops to plant and when. By analyzing data on soil health, weather patterns, and other factors that affect crop growth, farmers can determine which crops are most likely to thrive in a particular area at a particular time of year. This will help farmers to maximize their yields and profits.

    Variable rate applications

    In addition to these benefits, granular farm data can also help farmers reduce their environmental impact. By implementing precision agriculture techniques such as variable rate application (VRA) of seed, fertilizers, and pesticides. Variable rate applications will reduce the amount of inputs they use while maintaining high crop yields.

    How AgNote can help with farm data management

    Data driven farm management requires some kind of farm management software. If you are exploring farm management software options, we strongly encourage you to give AgNote a try. AgNote’s main focus is on practicality and ease of use. AgNote provides farmers with a user-friendly interface for row, permanent and vegetable crop management.