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Here Is a Super Useful Report for Current Crop Inventory

    For many farmers, current crop inventory reporting is a common quarterly task. That is because many bookkeeping and insurance companies will want to know what is currently planted in your farm fields. They may also want to know what, when and how much was harvested during the last quarter. All that information is needed so they can keep all their records up to date. As you may know, different crops will have different insurance requirements. Therefore, it is especially important that the crop information provided to the insurance company is accurate and up to date.

    Usually, this kind of information is communicated by using spreadsheets. As farmers at the end of each quarter, we’ll compile information of what was planted and harvested during the quarter.

    Yep, I know that can be tedious. I used to be a farm manager myself and I had to compile all that information every quarter. I am sure you know that time on the farm is extremely limited, and it needs to be managed closely.

    Quarterly Crop Inventory report in AgNote

    In AgNote it is very quick and easy to generate the Quarterly Crop Inventory report as long as the crop information is up to date. You can download or share this report in just seconds.

    Here some highlights of that report:

    • Choose which calendar year and farm(s) data should be included in the report.
    • This report will have multiple sheets, one sheet for each quarter. This makes it amazingly easy to find the quarterly information you need.
    • There will also be a Year tab, which lists all plantings and harvests on one sheet.
    • The report will provide you with information about property name (field), acreage, plant date, planted crop, variety, harvest date, yield, and total harvested tons.

    Here is an example of AgNote’s Quarterly Crop Inventory report. AgNote also allows you to schedule reports to be emailed out, including this Quarterly Crop Inventory report.

    Quarterly crop planting inventory report in AgNote
    Quarterly Plantings and Harvest inventory report in AgNote

    The Quarterly Plantings & Harvest report is just one of many powerful reports you can instantly download or share in AgNote’s farm management software. If you would like to learn more on how AgNote can help you with farm data management, please register for a free seven-day trial and take AgNote for a test spin.