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Here Are Some Fun Facts About International Carrot Day

    International Carrot Day is celebrated annually on April 4th. It’s a day to celebrate and appreciate this highly nutritious and affordable vegetable.

    International Carrot Day history

    In five carrot-points:
    ???? 1000 A.D. – Farmers in Afghanistan begin to grow / cultivate carrots
    ???? 1600s – Carrots were first brought to North America in their orange and white varieties
    ???? 1939 – 1945 During World War II, carrots gained popularity because of its nutrition, short growing season, and long shelf life
    ???? 1980s – Baby Carrots were born. Baby carrots are usually harvested before full maturity, ground-down to a smaller size and sold in plastic bags. Have you seen them in your local grocery store? They are awesome!
    ???? 2003 – April 4th was established as International Carrot Day. Today National Carrot Day is being celebrated in United States, France, Italy, Sweden, Russia, Australia, Japan, and the U.K.

    Interesting facts about carrots

    • Today there are over 100 species of edible carrots
    • Until 17th century, most carrot varieties were in black, white, red, or purple colors
    • Carrots consist of 87% of water
    • Carrot is one of the most sugary vegetables in the world
    • Carrots have the largest content of vitamin A amongst vegetables. One hundred grams of carrot will give you 104% of the recommended daily dose of that vitamin
    • Wild rabbits don’t eat wild carrots
    • The first canned food contained carrots
    • One carrot gives you the energy to walk one mile
    • If you eat too many carrots your skin may gain a yellowish tint, because of a condition called “carotenemia”. For some people that could be a desirable efect
    • Thirty percent of American Vitamin A intake comes from carrots
    • 85% of carrots sold in U.S. are grown in California
    Snowman and National Carrot Day
    What would snow man do without carrots ????

    Carrots are healthy root-vegetables which are eaten as snacks and used in many dishes to provide substance and flavor. The reason for that is because their crunchy texture adds something different and tasty to salads, meat dishes, pasta, and more. But carrots are also extremely nutritious, packed with many nutrients that you need daily.

    In conclusion, International Carrot Day is all about increasing awareness in society about nutrition and health benefits which carrots offer us. So, shake off the dirt and wear your best orange on this International Carrot Day????????????