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Easy Way to Customize Your Crop Harvest Methods

    In this post, let’s chat about crop harvest methods. And to be more specific, we’ll talk about crop harvest methods when recording yields.

    Depending on what crops you grow, at some point you will need to record harvested yields. Of course, if it’s only one crop you grow and all you need is to record tons, it is simple. But it can quickly get challenging if you need to harvest your crops multiple times and with different harvest methods.

    Harvest method challenge examples.

    For example, for barley, first we want to harvest the grain and then we want to bale the straw. In this case, we need to record two harvests, one when we harvested the grain and the second when we baled the straw. Now we are recording two harvest methods, and each harvest method has different units. The grain harvest is in bushels and the straw baling is in bale count.

    Another good example is the table grape harvest. Table grape harvests have many harvest passes. And each harvest pass may need to be recorded differently. For example, the first few harvests will be recorded as a count of 30-pound boxes. Then there’s one harvest for export which is recorded in 20-pound boxes. And the remaining harvests are in count of 30-pound boxes, with quality deductions.

    Let’s touch on one more example. Target moisture adjustment. For some harvest methods, the harvested yield weight will need to be adjusted to a target moisture percentage. For example, green-chopped silage corn will need to be adjusted to 70% moisture. It is possible that the corn was harvested at 65% moisture. But the final weight needs to be adjusted to 70% moisture.

    We just went through a few harvest method examples. Where each harvest method had different record-units. But at the end of the season or crop harvest, we want to know how much each crop or season yielded, right?

    Crop harvest methods in AgNote.

    AgNote solves most of the challenges for different harvest methods. Here are the key highlights of harvest method management in AgNote.

    • Create customized harvest methods.
    • Specify yield record units (tons, pounds, count).
    • Choose yield display units (tons per acre, pounds per acre, count per acre).
    • Add target moisture to harvest method.
    • Record multiple harvests for each crop or season.
    Crop Harvest Method Management Area in AgNote
    Screenshot of Crop Harvest Method Management area in Agnote

    For each harvest method you can also assign default task or default task group. What that will do is, after you add new yield record, AgNote will automatically record completed task(s) which belong to the harvest. Tasks such as Green-Chopping and Swathing. This way you can easily capture all the costs in crop growing.

    To find out more on how AgNote can help you to manage your harvest yields, please register for a free trial account and try it out yourself.