AgNote Training Videos

AgNote is an immensely powerful Farm Management Software with many customizable features. Most of the features are obvious and self-explanatory, but there are some features that can be complemented with a quick training video. By learning all available functionalities in AgNote will make a much more productive user experience!

Below is a list of all currently available training videos for AgNote. Once you will be logged into your AgNote account , the training videos will appear in top navigation bar, just look for How To link (dropdown menu). In AgNotes application, the training videos are organized per relevancy, that means only the videos that can be helpful on that applications page, will be visible.

We are frequently adding more training videos to the list, to help AgNote's user, so please check back soon!

Available on page(s): Properties Company

Here is a quick video describing on how account is structured and how data relate to each other, inside AgNote's Farm Management Software.

For some users, seeing the actual data structure diagram, may help to better plan their account.

Well-structured and collected farm data allows farmers to see what works and which areas need attention.

This video will also demonstrate on how easy it is to view, filter and manage farm data for multiple farms inside AgNote.

Available on page(s): Row Corps Row Crop Dashboard

Once you know what row crops will be planting next, you can start to fill-in the next planting information. That can be done individually for each property or by using Batch – Add Next Planting’s tool, which will add the next planting's information for many fields just in seconds.

Every time you perform a batch action in AgNote, AgNote will remember which records you just added, and will create an Undo snapshot. That allows you to Undo the batch action, if you need to.

Available Undo's you will find on the right side of the page on Undo slide-out tab. If you do not see the Undo slide-out tab, that means you have not performed any batch actions during last 6 hours.

The Undo actions will be available for 6 hours after the batch action was performed.

Available on page(s): Row Corps Permanent Crops

AgNote provides many options on how to add planting to the farm field.

The planting, in AgNote, is the core element of the application. Most of the information in AgNote, will be tied to the planting (crop). By having information structured this way, make it very easy to analyze the data, to see what works and what requires attention.

In AgNote, the next planting can be added individually for each field or you could use the batch tool to add / plan your next crops for many fields, just in seconds.

If you have previous planting information on a spreadsheet or CSV file, you can import that into your account.

This video also demonstrates on how to add a Permanent Crop after Row Crops and vice versa.

Once your start using AgNote, I recommend that you backfill your planting information as much as possible. If you need assistance on how to add/import your planting information, please contact us.

Available on page(s): Row Corps Annual Harvest View

In this video I will demonstrate how to move Row Crop's planting to Annual Harvest view, in Agnote’s farm management software.

Annual Harvest View in AgNote, provides user friendly management area for crops which are harvested multiple times in a year. This view sequentially displays all harvest for the field in a calendar year.

At a quick glance, you will see how many harvests there are currently for each field, when each harvest was completed, how many days there are between the harvests, what was the yielded, how much irrigation water was applied and what was the input cost, if there were any inputs applied since the last harvest. At the same time, you can monitor the year-to-date progress for each field.

In this view, you can quickly navigate to a different calendar year to see how each field was producing during that year.

Available on page(s): Properties

Tips and tricks on how to quickly outline farm field on the map when adding a new field (property) to the farm.

This video demonstrates how to use the available drawing tools in AgNote to outline field shape on the map and how to modify the shape to match more complex field shapes.

Available on page(s): Row Corps

In AgNote's farm management software, it is very easy to change planting statuses.

This video explains how to move the Next Planned Planting to a Current planting. The next planting can be moved individually for each property (field) or all at once by using Batch - Move Next to Current option under Action Menu, located on page's lower-right corner (round button).

To move the next planned row crop(s) to the current plantings spot, you need to:

  1. Have the next planting planned
  2. Current planting needs to be harvested. The current planting will need to have the Plant and Harvest date.

All dashboards, reports and maps will be updated instantly to match planting statuses (Current or Next).